Wild At Heart - Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul


Fierce. Dangerous. Wild. Available for the first time in video streaming, the Wild at Heart: A Band of Brothers Small Group Video Series will become the catalyst study groups use to help them discover how God defines authentic masculinity.John Eldredge and his band of brothers invite you to join them as they embark on a journey to learn how God can heal wounded hearts and put a spirit of adventure back in the life of any man.


Wild at Heart, Session 1, The Heart of A Man

In Session 1, "The Heart of A Man", you will explore what it is that makes your heart come alive, and how to use that for God.

Wild at Heart, Session 2, The Poser and the Question

In Session 2, "The Poser and the Question", you will learn answers to the question, "do I have what it takes?".

Wild at Heart, Session 3, The Wound

In Session 3, "The Wound", John Eldredge explains how every man carries a wound, deep in his soul. Learn how God wants to give you freedom of the heart, and a restoring of your soul.

Wild at Heart, Session 4, Healing the Wound

In Session 4, "Healing the Wound", learn how God wants to restore you and set you free.

Wild at Heart, Session 5, A Battle to Fight

In Session 5, "A Battle to Fight", John Eldredge explains that the things that stir a man's heart are almost always battle. Learn how you are made in God's image, as a Warrior, and how God wants you to get back the warrior in your heart.

Wild at Heart, Session 6, An Adventure to Live

In Session 6, "An Adventure to Live", John Eldredge wants you to stop asking yourself what the world needs, instead ask, "what makes me come alive?". Learn how the world needs men who are alive, and how you can become one.

Wild at Heart, Session 7, A Beauty to Rescue

In Session 7, "A Beauty to Rescue", you will learn God's purpose for your strength and warrior's heart: to use that strength for others, primarily the daughters of Eve.

Wild at Heart, Session 8, A Band of Brothers

In Session 8, "A Band of Brothers", John Eldredge explains that no man should walk his journey alone. Learn how to form your own band, how to fight for it, and how to live together, as a Band of Brothers.

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