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Submit your tax exempt form to our Customer Service team within 7 days of signing up to ensure your first billing occurs tax free. Email your tax exempt form to: CustomerCare@StudyGateway.com. Tax exempt status applicable for US customers only.

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    How to use this in your church.

    Choose a Sunday morning to announce the free Study Gateway subscriptions your church members will be receiving. Let them know to expect an email invitation to sign up.

    We offer downloadable resources to help your church make this announcement. The announcement video is a great way to explain what Study Gateway is and the features included in a subscription. You can also post the video to your church website, Facebook page, etc. We recommend utilizing the printable bulletin inserts as part of your announcement as well. For the next several weeks, be sure to continue to let your church members know about Study Gateway through verbal announcements, and email communication. Our goal is to make sure Study Gateway is serving you and your church members well so everyone can grow and share their faith.

    Downloadable Resources

    325MB File Size

    (To download, right click video and click “Save video as…”)

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    Send out an invite letter to your church members.

    • The Study Gateway point person in your church should gather a list of emails for all the members of your church.
    • Enter the list of emails on the Group Administration tab in your account page. You can access this page here: https://www.studygateway.com/account/group/invites or by logging into your account, clicking on the profile name to reveal the dropdown menu, and click on “My Account”.
    • On the Group Admin page, copy and paste the list of emails into the “Invite Users” form, then click on the “Invite Users” button.
    • Your members will then receive an email invitation so they can create their own Study Gateway account and begin accessing all the great resources available to them.

Have Questions?

We’re here to serve you!  If you have questions or need further guidance on how to launch Study Gateway in your church, schedule a call or an online workshop with one of our team members at CustomerCare@StudyGateway.com.