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DANCE in grace, STAND firm in holiness, RUN on mission

This study is for any woman who wants to change the world - not be changed by it! 

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In this 6-session video Bible study, you will rediscover what holiness is, what it isn't, and what living on mission really means in your daily life.

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You will rally your strength, refresh your purpose, and energize your faith in a God who calls us to be like Him.

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Free downloads: Tips for Running on Mission eBook, Scripture Reading Plan, and Art Prints

Meet Your Teacher

Hi friends, I’m Jess! I’m passionate about my family, God’s Word, and seeing women take their place in the Kingdom. 

I’m digging into this study with all of you because I believe God wants to change us – me, you, all of us together – and use our lives to change the world.  My prayer and hope is that you have the tools you need to grab hold of Jesus with all you’ve got before the enemy of your soul comes trying to derail you. My hope is that you start running and never stop, because this is what you were created to do. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Author of Dance, Stand, Run; co-author of Wild & Free and the forthcoming Always Enough, Never Too Much: 100 Devotions to Quit Comparing, Stop Hiding, and Start Living Wild and Free with Hayley Morgan

What Real Women Are Saying

  • Ginna
    Ginna - Oh man. This book is SO good. In a world where bloggers or social media influencers are coming out with books every week, it seems like, this one is unique and not your average "self help, Christian life" book. It is gospel-centered and challenging and convicting in the best way. Jess talks about three main topics: grace, holiness and the call we all have as believes to run on mission. I found myself reevaluating my relationship with the Lord in a whole new way, and reignited to live in the confidence of the gospel and my security in Christ. The topics are heavy, for sure, but somehow Jess made it a light read and her illustrations and stories were so relatable. In short, this book is changing my life.   ~ Review from
  • Rachel
    Rachel - This book looks girly but it is MIGHTY. Grateful for Jess and her wisdom, heart, soul, and fire for Jesus. This book will make you want to grab hold of grace like never before, to step into holiness like you never knew how, to fire on all cylinders for your calling. This one is a powerhouse, ladies. ~ Review from
  • Natalie
    Natalie - I said yes and amen the whole way through. Jess does a great job of addressing grace, holiness and mission for our generation of women. The book is full of freedom and hope and has the potential to send out waves of women on mission with Jesus! If you've ever felt like grace and holiness are opposed to each other and you can't figure out how to hold them both together- this one's for you! ~ Review from
  • Mary Beth
    Mary Beth - Holy cow. This book is truth, inspiration, instruction, and armor in a pretty pink package. Jess Connolly has filled this book with God-inspired truth and teaching, and I hope it rocks your world like it did mine. It’s a reminder that grace and holiness work together- you need both in healthy amounts to be a healthy Christian. This book will inspire you to build a deeper relationship with God and love others right where you’re at, and you’ll fall in love with Jess’ candor and honesty and willingness to “share first”. I can’t recommend this book enough! ~ Review from
  • Megan
    Megan - This is not a fluffy book so don’t be deceived by the pink cover 😝. It is full of deep truths that are presented in a practical and applicable way. Jess Connolly points to a life of abundance that is found in the balance of holiness and grace and the purpose of a life on mission. We’ve been given grace so let’s dance. We’ve been purchased from sin and purchased to holy ground. So we live holy lives because God has called us holy. And we run on mission so others can experience the same freedom and holy standing. ~ Review from

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