Session Five: Land the Plane

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Session Five

Follow-through can be hard, right? But this week we get to dive in and land the plane! After answering life's three big questions in previous sessions — Who are you? Where are you? What do you want? — now it's time to act on your answers. In our Scripture study this week we'll explore the message of Jesus about separating the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25:31-45). Learn to land the plane of ideas and get started by taking action with real steps. Are you ready?/p>

  • Core Scriptures in this Session:
    Matthew 25:31–45
    Matthew 20:20–28
  • This Week's Personal Study:
    (Study Guide pages 87-94)
    REFLECT: Review What You've Learned
    READ: Lead by Serving
    ACT: Pitch, Pick, Point!
  • Companion Reading in the Book:
    Dream Big Chapters 30-31
    (always optional)
  • Next Week:
    Catch-up Week!

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