Romans: In the Grip of Grace

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Welcome to the Romans: In the Grip of Grace Online Bible Study at Study Gateway! You will want to come back to this page each week as each video session becomes available. You can go ahead and start watching session one right away. New videos are released every Monday once the study starts... be sure to download the schedule and all the helpful resources as you wait for the study to get started! We can't wait to get started with you on June 21st!

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Be done with have to. Now we can do. Get free from obligation. Now there's liberation.

Max Lucado ushers us into this study of one of the richest theological works ever penned, the book of Romans. The core idea of Romans is that we are saved by grace, through faith. When we truly understand the privilege and power of grace, it sets us free from having to do good things, so that we can do good things. There’s no more have to, instead there’s I can do.

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