Six Hours One Friday Session One: Hurricane Warnings

Six Hours One Friday

Online Bible Study with Max Lucado

Session 1 - Hurricane Warnings

  • Scriptures of the Week:
    Hebrews 12:2-13
    John 12:1-36
    Mark 14:1-9
  • Read: Six Hours One Friday Chapter 1
    Study Guide (back of book), Chapter 1
  • Next Week: Session Two: Two Tombstones
    (Read: Chapters 2-7)

A Note from OBS Leader +

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. — Hebrews 6:19

Anchor deep. Say a prayer. And, hold on. ~ Max Lucado

From Laurie McClure, OBS Leader

Welcome to the Six Hours One Friday Online Bible Study with our dear friend and teacher, Max Lucado! I’m so glad you’re joining us on this journey toward Easter.

Because you have a story. You have a Jesus story that’s worth remembering and worth sharing with others. If you’ve been a believer for any length of time, you can probably point back to a time when a storm — sometimes a full-fledged hurricane — nearly took you out. When waves knocked you this way and that and you barely survived. But for Jesus. Our Savior. The Hero for all time.

You and I have also known people who started out strong. People who went to church and maybe even carried their Bible around. They went to midweek Bible studies. Maybe they traveled with your church on mission trips and sang worship songs with their hands raised high. But at some point a crisis hit, or a job was lost, or they had to bury a child, or a temptation or addition took them way off course, or they just got bored with trying to “be good” and anger took the helm. They slowly drifted. They sank. Or they crashed. But, they’re not cruising with Jesus any more and what’s heartbreaking is they have spiritually hardened and forgotten to care about Him.

How can we avoid that tragedy? What can we hold onto to ride out the storm and not lose hope or our trust in Jesus?

In the middle of crises, we can hold on to these biblical anchor points:

My life is not futile.
My failures are not fatal.
My death is not final.

In Six Hours One Friday, we’re going to be focusing three significant stories of three people who encountered Jesus before He went to the Cross. We’ll study three perspectives, three problems, and three extraordinary stories of Jesus’ radical love. (Bonus: the book is chock full of stories with study questions for extra credit.)

As we immerse ourselves in stories, we’re also going to read through Jesus’ most powerful story: His Passion. Most of us already know the gist of Passion Week, but we’re going to read through the accounts of Holy Week in Scripture and follow Jesus along the way to the Cross… and beyond.

As we read in Hebrews 12, let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, no matter what storm is battering us right now. This is training; it’s boot camp. . . where we build spiritual muscles and learn to not lose hope in the Lord and not to waver in our faith.

What has been your most intense storm?

The truth is that we can brave hurricanes with Jesus. We can hang tight to Hope. We can anchor deep and make it through with strong, real, enduring faith that won’t fail.

Because Jesus is always with us, so…

~ Laurie

Don’t be surprised if Somebody walks across the water to give you a hand. ~ Max

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