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You Are the Girl for the Job

Online Bible Study with Jess Connolly

Welcome to the Online Bible Study! Have you ever let doubt, hesitation, and comparison hold you back from embracing that deep tug on your heart--your calling from God? The lie far too many of us believe is that we are not the right person to impact whatever circumstances or situation we face. But the truth is that God has placed you exactly where you are for exactly what is before you. You ARE the girl for the job. This video Bible study will not only show you how to make a difference, but it will give you a jumpstart into confident, purposed living. Dive into Scripture and see just how perfectly planned every element of your story has been to get you right here, right now, ready and fully equipped to take off and join God in His mission.

Are you ready to get started? Study dates are September 7 - October 18. Our recap week is October 19 - 25.

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