Romans (40 Days Through the Book Series)

From Max Lucado: "My hope for anyone going through this study is that they would receive that liberating understanding of grace that sets us free from having to do good things, so that we can do good things. There’s no more have to, instead there’s I can do. Romans is truly a liberating study, and I pray that’s what happens for anybody who studies it." Romans is a part of the 40 Days Through the Book series of studies, featuring 6-week studies on books of the Bible by different pastors, teachers and authors.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:49:58

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40 Days Through the Book: Romans - Session 1: The Problem We Face

Duration: 18:55

There is a problem that every human being faces called sin. It leads to consequences that are bigger than we realize. Try as we might, our attempts to solve this problem on our own amount to nothing more than hedonism, judgmentalism, or legalism. Thankfully, God has a solution called grace, and it is by grace that our sin can be dealt with, once and for all.

40 Days Through the Book: Romans - Session 2: The Gift We've Been Offered

Duration: 18:53

The God of heaven offers us the greatest gift imaginable: himself. God solved our sin problem by offering the gift of his own life. He sentenced himself for our sins and paid a price we never could. God’s holiness is honored. Our sin is punished. And we are offered redemption.

40 Days Through the Book: Romans - Session 3: The Battle We Fight

Duration: 18:12

Children of God who cry out, “Abba, Daddy,” are still in a battle. Old patterns of life still entice us, and the enemy of our soul still lies, steals, and seeks to destroy us. Yet in all of this, we can know that God has won the war, we are loved by him, and we are more than conquerors!

40 Days Through the Book: Romans - Session 4: The Story We've Joined

Duration: 18:14

The sixty-six books of our Bible tell a powerful, honest, and shocking story of God’s work through ordinary and broken people. God is still writing this story, and every person who comes to the Father through faith in Jesus is part of this great drama that is unfolding.

40 Days Through the Book: Romans - Session 5: The Path We Follow

Duration: 17:53

To walk in the footsteps of Jesus is to walk in love. To become more like Jesus is to love others more freely. When we receive the agape love of God, it overflows to every person we encounter!

40 Days Through the Book: Romans - Session 6: The Fellowship We Find

Duration: 17:51

Every Christian is part of God’s family. God delights when his people are united and walk in the spirit of love. But fellowship is a fragile thing, and the enemy of our souls loves to rock the boat. So, if we are going to honor God and build a church that shows his glory to the world, we must do all we can to bring unity, grace, and peace to the family of God.

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