Act Like Jesus

There is a difference between believing something and allowing those beliefs to shape your actions. It is the practice of reaching up to God and out to others that will drive beliefs from your head to your heart to you can act like Jesus. Learn the life-giving spiritual disciplines that will lead you in fulfilling your mission to love God and love your neighbor.

8 sessions
Duration: 2:03:44

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Act Like Jesus - Session 1 - How Do I Worship God?

Duration: 15:54

Act Like Jesus - Session 2 - Why Do I Need to Pray?

Duration: 13:34

Act Like Jesus - Session 3 - How Do I Study the Bible?

Duration: 12:45

Act Like Jesus - Session 4 - How Much of My Life Does God Want?

Duration: 14:15

Act Like Jesus - Session 5 - How Do I Develop Healthy Relationships?

Duration: 18:38

Act Like Jesus - Session 6 - What Spiritual Gifts Has God Given to Me?

Duration: 18:46

Act Like Jesus - Session 7 - How Do I Use My Money to Serve God?

Duration: 14:12

Act Like Jesus - Session 8 - How Do I Communicate My Faith?

Duration: 15:40

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