Be Like Jesus

People know who you are and whose you are by tasting the fruit of your life. We must remain connected to Christ so he can instill his life-giving spiritual virtues within us. The ultimate goal of the Christian life is to bear good fruit, impact the world, and experience joy in be like Jesus.

8 sessions
Duration: 2:08:28

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Be Like Jesus - Session 1 - How Does God Want Me to Love Others?

Duration: 18:17

Be Like Jesus - Session 2 - What Will Give Me True Joy?

Duration: 15:48

Be Like Jesus - Session 3 - How Do I Find Real Peace?

Duration: 14:33

Be Like Jesus - Session 4 - How Does God Free Me from Sinful Habits?

Duration: 16:50

Be Like Jesus - Session 5 - How Can I Maintain Hope During Hardships?

Duration: 14:52

Be Like Jesus - Session 6 - How Can I Be Patient with Others?

Duration: 18:08

Be Like Jesus - Session 7 - Why Should I Be Loyal to Others?

Duration: 15:35

Be Like Jesus - Session 8 - How Can I Be Considerate of Others?

Duration: 14:25

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