Revelation (Beautiful Word Bible Study Series)

Are you afraid of the challenge of studying the book of Revelation? Actually, Revelation is a descriptive and poignant expression of what John was blessed to see, which is something that each of us longs to know—a place, an end, an eternity that is promised and is the very definition of hope, extravagant hope. As a part of the Beautiful Word Bible Study Series, Bible teacher and author Margaret Feinberg takes on the complex and sometimes elusive content of this final book of the Bible and leads us on a journey to discover the one thing we all long for—extravagant hope.

6 sessions
Duration: 2:16:57

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Revelation Study Guide: Extravagant Hope


Revelation BWBS - Session 1 - Tempted to Give up on God?

Duration: 23:46

Consider this way of thinking about the Book of Revelation: God is saving the best for last! Revelation is a survival guide for the suffering, a book of promises for the persecuted, and a banner of hope for the beaten down. If you have ever felt tempted to give up on God, Revelation helps you discover the power of Christ and get to know him in new ways.

Revelation BWBS - Session 2 - Have You Lost Perspective?

Duration: 22:55

There are two telltale signs that you’ve lost perspective: Overvaluing what’s less important and undervaluing what’s truly important. A holy perspective is a hopeful perspective, and a hopeful perspective is a holy perspective. Having a heavenly perspective right-sizes earthly concerns.

Revelation BWBS - Session 3 - When Life's Not Fair

Duration: 23:56

Life is not fair, but Jesus is not finished! The book of Revelation is written to everyone who has asked, “Lord, how long . . . ? Jesus wants to do his greatest work through you. When you love God and love others, when you forgive the unforgiveable, and when you turn the other cheek, you take evil out of circulation.

Revelation BWBS - Session 4 - How to Overcome the Enemy

Duration: 22:10

Through Christ, God has been planning our victory over the enemy since the beginning of time. This is not a battle where you're on the sidelines watching. This is the battle we're in! Satan places wedges in our relationships that tear apart oneness. We overcome when we forgive, extend the benefit of the doubt, or show compassion.

Revelation BWBS - Session 5 - When All Hell Breaks Loose

Duration: 23:35

Even if hell is breaking loose in your life—through circumstances and situations you’d never choose—heaven is still crashing in. When we're beaten down by life, ready to give up and throw in the towel, instead of asking God to get you out of this, discover hope in the promise that he will get you through this.

Revelation BWBS - Session 6 - The Promises of Heaven

Duration: 20:35

Revelation confronts us all with a decision. Do you believe this book enough to stake your life on it? Do you believe God loved this world so much that he sent his only Son, Jesus, and through him evil has been overcome and will be overcome? God’s intentions toward us are good and joyous, and we have hope in the glorious promises of heaven.

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