Believe Adult Study

The Believe Adult Curriculum video series gives groups of all sizes the opportunity to learn, discuss, and apply what they experience in this 30-session journey through the Bible by exploring 30 essential beliefs, practices, and virtues that every Christian needs to know and live. Pastor and author Randy Frazee presents 30 ten-minute teachings on how the story of Scripture helps us think, act, and be like Jesus. A coordinating Study Guide is also available.

30 sessions
Duration: 7:30:35

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Believe Adult Study, Session 1, God

Duration: 12:48

Session 1, "God," shows that the God of the Bible is the one true God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Believe Adult Study, Session 2, Personal God

Duration: 13:47

Session 2, "Personal God," teaches that God is involved in and cares about the details of your daily life.

Believe Adult Study, Session 3, Salvation

Duration: 14:28

Session 3, "Salvation," teaches that a person comes into a right relationship with God, by his grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Believe Adult Study, Session 4, The Bible

Duration: 14:20

Session 4, "The Bible," shows that the Bible is the Word of God and has the right to command your belief and action.

Believe Adult Study, Session 5, Identity in Christ

Duration: 12:02

Session 5, "Identity in Christ," teaches that you are significant because of your position as a child of God.

Believe Adult Study, Session 6, The Church

Duration: 13:49

Session 6, "The Church," shows that the church is God’s primary way to accomplish his purposes on earth today.

Believe Adult Study, Session 7, Humanity

Duration: 13:38

Session 7, "Humanity," teaches that all people are loved by God and need Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Believe Adult Study, Session 8, Compassion

Duration: 12:54

Session 8, "Compassion," teaches that God calls all Christians to show compassion to those in need.

Believe Adult Study, Session 9, Stewardship

Duration: 10:49

Session 9, "Stewardship," shows that everything you are and everything you own belongs to God.

Believe Adult Study, Session 10, Eternity

Duration: 15:31

Session 10, "Eternity," teaches that there is a heaven and a hell and that Jesus will return to judge all people and to establish his eternal kingdom.

Believe Adult Study, Session 11, Worship

Duration: 16:49

Session 11, "Worship," teaches that we worship God for who he is and what he has done for us.

Believe Adult Study, Session 12, Prayer

Duration: 13:47

Session 12, "Prayer," teaches that you pray to God to know him, to find direction for your life, and to lay your requests before him.

Believe Adult Study, Session 13, Bible Study

Duration: 13:21

Session 13, "Bible Study," teaches that the reason you study the Bible is to know God and his truth and to find direction in your daily life.

Believe Adult Study, Session 14, Single-Mindedness

Duration: 13:54

Session 14, "Single-Mindedness," explains the importance of focusing on God and his priorities for your life.

Believe Adult Study, Session 15, Total Surrender

Duration: 14:11

Session 15, "Total Surrender," leads you to make the commitment to dedicate your life to God’s purposes.

Believe Adult Study, Session 16, Biblical Community

Duration: 18:42

Session 16, "Biblical Community," teaches you to fellowship with Christians in order to accomplish God’s purposes in your life, in the lives of others, and in the world.

Believe Adult Study, Session 17, Spiritual Gifts

Duration: 18:43

Session 17, "Spiritual Gifts," leads you to discover your spiritual gifts and use them to fulfill God’s purposes.

Believe Adult Study, Session 18, Offering My Time

Duration: 12:49

Session 18, "Offering My Time," teaches that when you offer your resource of time to God, he will use it to further his purposes.

Believe Adult Study, Session 19, Giving My Resources

Duration: 14:12

Session 19, "Giving My Resources," leads you to a looser grip on your money and possessions and the value of giving away your resources to serve God and others.

Believe Adult Study, Session 20, Sharing My Faith

Duration: 15:39

Session 20, "Sharing My Faith," helps you find the courage to share your faith with others to fulfill God’s purposes.

Believe Adult Study, Session 21, Love

Duration: 18:35

Session 21, "Love," teaches you to become committed to loving God and loving others.

Believe Adult Study, Session 22, Joy

Duration: 16:02

Session 22, "Joy," teaches that, despite your circumstances, you can feel inner contentment and understand your purpose in life.

Believe Adult Study, Session 23, Peace

Duration: 14:36

Session 23, "Peace," shows that you can be free from anxiety when things are right between God, others, and yourself.

Believe Adult Study, Session 24, Self-Control

Duration: 17:09

Session 24, "Self-Control," shows that you have the power, through Christ, to control your actions and attitudes.

Believe Adult Study, Session 25, Hope

Duration: 15:01

Session 25, "Hope," teaches that you can cope with the hardships of life and death because of the hope you have in Jesus Christ.

Believe Adult Study, Session 26, Patience

Duration: 18:10

Session 26, "Patience," teaches that God helps you to be slow to anger and endure patiently under the unavoidable pressures of life.

Believe Adult Study, Session 27, Kindness and Goodness

Duration: 15:42

Session 27, "Kindness and Goodness," shows how you can choose to be kind and good in your relationships with others.

Believe Adult Study, Session 28, Faithfulness

Duration: 15:43

Session 28, "Faithfulness," shows how you can establish a good name with God and others based on your loyalty to those relationships.

Believe Adult Study, Session 29, Gentleness

Duration: 15:29

Session 29, "Gentleness," teaches that to be gentle is to be thoughtful, considerate, and calm when dealing with anyone in your life.

Believe Adult Study, Session 30, Humility

Duration: 17:55

Session 30, "Humility," shows that humility is choosing to esteem others above yourself.

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