Beyond Boundaries

Has someone violated your trust, broken your heart, left you wondering if you can experience intimacy again? This six-session HD video-based study will walk you through the process of trusting and opening up to love again.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:43:14

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Beyond Boundaries, Session 1. Understanding the Problem

Duration: 18:39

In this video download of Session 1, "Understanding the Problem," you will learn how to reclaim lost trust.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 2. Knowing When You're Ready, Part 1

Duration: 16:28

In Session 2, "Knowing When You're Ready- Part 1," you will examine keys to unlearning old ways.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 3. Knowing When You're Ready, Part 2

Duration: 15:02

In Session 3, "Knowing When You're Ready-Part 2," you will examine keys to learning new ways.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 4. Knowing When the Other Person Is Ready

Duration: 17:37

In Session 4, "Knowing When the Other Person Is Ready," you will learn how to ask the right questions.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 5. Moving Into Relationship, Part 1

Duration: 16:48

In Session 5, "Moving into Relationship-Part 1," you will learn to understand the danger and prepare for the talk.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 6. Moving Into Relationship, Part 2

Duration: 18:40

In Session 6, "Moving into Relationship-Part 2." you will assess your readiness to take the relationship risk.

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