Beyond Boundaries

In this study, bestselling author Dr. John Townsend helps you discover a simple path to regain the intimacy and fulfilling closeness that every person needs. Difficult relationships can damage our ability to trust, causing us to shut down. But God designed us to experience freedom and love. To live this way, we all eventually need to take a risk.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:43:14

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Beyond Boundaries, Session 1. Understanding the Problem

Duration: 18:39

In this video download of Session 1, "Understanding the Problem," you will learn how to reclaim lost trust.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 2. Knowing When You're Ready, Part 1

Duration: 16:28

In Session 2, "Knowing When You're Ready- Part 1," you will examine keys to unlearning old ways.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 3. Knowing When You're Ready, Part 2

Duration: 15:02

In Session 3, "Knowing When You're Ready-Part 2," you will examine keys to learning new ways.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 4. Knowing When the Other Person Is Ready

Duration: 17:37

In Session 4, "Knowing When the Other Person Is Ready," you will learn how to ask the right questions.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 5. Moving Into Relationship, Part 1

Duration: 16:48

In Session 5, "Moving into Relationship-Part 1," you will learn to understand the danger and prepare for the talk.

Beyond Boundaries, Session 6. Moving Into Relationship, Part 2

Duration: 18:40

In Session 6, "Moving into Relationship-Part 2." you will assess your readiness to take the relationship risk.

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