In Bonhoeffer, a four-session video-based small group Bible study, New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas will help you discover the major themes of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s writing and speaking and how he not only helped transform an entire faith community in Germany during World War II, but how his beliefs continue to impact the Christian faith of people throughout the world today. Pulling themes from all Bonhoeffer's major books, Metaxas helps you understand why these spiritual truths meant so much to Bonhoeffer and how they can be an inspiration and challenge to your faith.

4 sessions
Duration: 1:28:45

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Bonhoeffer, Session 1. What Is the Church?

Duration: 20:29

In Session 1, "What Is the Church?" you will think about what the church should really look like, forgetting tradition, and looking at what Jesus taught his apostles.

Bonhoeffer, Session 2. Living in Christian Community

Duration: 23:22

In Session 2, "Living in Christian Community," you will learn about New Testament Christianity and what it looks like to live this out as a community of believers.

Bonhoeffer, Session 3. Religionless Christianity

Duration: 21:36

In Session 3, "Religionless Christianity," you will look at a negative religious faith—simply avoiding sin—as compared to the act of trusting and obeying God by putting your faith into action.

Bonhoeffer, Session 4. Come and Die

Duration: 23:18

In Session 4, "Come and Die," you will get a vision, through Bonhoeffer's life in prison and, ultimately, his death in prison, of what it looks like to take up Jesus' cross to live in communion with him.

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