Close Encounters

A turkey hunt, Alaskan moose and Caribou hunts, whitetail buck hunts, and a fly-fishing venture ... How do all of these connect to deepening your understanding of Scripture and your relationship with God? Sharpen your skills for the hunt as well as your understanding of Scripture with this six-session, video-based study led by outdoor enthusiast and God-follower, Jason Cruise.

6 sessions
Duration: 3:16:19


Close Encounters, Session 1. Life in the Zone

Duration: 33:08

In Session 1, "Life in the Zone," you will learn how to be a godly man and how to guard your heart against anything that displeases God.

Close Encounters, Session 2. Behind Enemy Lines

Duration: 31:10

In Session 2, "Behind Enemy Lines," you will learn how to be in the world, which is the enemy's hostile territory, and be able fight his influence in your life.

Close Encounters, Session 3. Defining Success

Duration: 33:17

In Session 3, "Defining Success," you will learn, through the story of Joshua, how to grow your spiritual mind and your leadership skills.

Close Encounters, Session 4. Brotherhood

Duration: 35:41

In Session 4, "Brotherhood," you will learn about the men in your life and the impact they have on your survival.

Close Encounters, Session 5. Sovereignty

Duration: 31:24

In Session 5, "Sovereignty," you will learn what happens when you hold on too tightly to your life and learn to find your peace in acknowledging God's full control.

Close Encounters, Session 6. Destiny by Design

Duration: 31:39

In Session 6, "Destiny by Design," you will learn that God uses your strengths and weakness to accomplish his will in you and through you.

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