Redeemed (CORE for Men Series)

The CORE for Men studies are brought to you by the men behind Promise Keepers. In this first series, Redeemed, five short films tell stories of real men who learned that God has a specific calling for us. God is in the business of taking the things we think disqualify us—whether it's a broken relationship, the wound of fatherlessness, a humiliating failure, or out-of-control emotions—and turning it into a fulfilling life purpose and a new identity, as God's sons.

5 sessions
Duration: 1:02:40

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CORE: Redeemed - Session 1: Called

Duration: 11:47

Mariano Rivera, the greatest relief pitcher in the history of baseball and Baseball Hall of Fame player, tells the story of God revealing his calling and purpose for him in the midst of a family crisis. When he surrendered to God, he noticed his pitching gained a new power, which he believes is the particular ability God gave him as a gift, not because he deserved it, but because God wanted to use that gift to glorify his name.

CORE: Redeemed - Session 2: Redemption

Duration: 10:33

Kyle Oxford, tattoo artist. Kyle's story is a striking reminder of how God redeems losses, even when those losses are self-inflicted. He discovered that even though he felt unworthy of even a response from God to his cry for help, after he surrendered to God he saw him take the broken pieces of his life and make something beautiful out of them.

CORE: Redeemed - Session 3: Sons

Duration: 13:18

Tommy Green, front man for Sleeping Giant, shares his struggle with the ongoing impact of being the son of an abusive father. He is in the process of transforming the pain of his father's rage and rejection into a passion for being a father to an orphaned culture. He came face to face with the source of his greatest pain, and found a greater source of approval and love.

CORE: Redeemed - Session 4: Restoration

Duration: 13:47

Robert Irving III, music director for Miles Davis, is in the midst of a real-life, real-time restoration with his daughter, Sharon. Irving's travel schedule and his commitment to work and success became a counterfeit god, and caused him to neglect his family. With great vulnerability he is addressing the hurt caused by his absence, and he and Sharon are working through the process of reconciliation and forgiveness.

CORE: Redeemed - Session 5: Purpose

Duration: 13:15

Tom Paterson, master strategic thinker and legendary technology pioneer, has a story that demonstrates we are not only recipients of God's grace, but we are participants. Tom's achievements in life are nothing short of spectacular, but it's the pain and failure he experienced that built in him perseverance, conviction and passion. Tom gives us what it means to discover our most fundamental purpose in life.

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