Defiant Joy - What Happens When You’re Full Of It

Joy is closer than you think because God is better than you may believe!

Using humor, wit, and wisdom, author Candace Payne (aka “Chewbacca Mom”) reveals biblical insights to unshakable joy and freedom in every circumstance. In this six-session video Bible study, learn what it is to live a life expressed by joy!

6 sessions
Duration: 1:54:02

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Defiant Joy - Session 1 - Laugh It Up, Live It Out

Duration: 22:02

Defiant Joy - Session 2 - Know Hope, Know Joy

Duration: 19:26

Defiant Joy - Session 3 - Joy Is a Fighter

Duration: 18:18

Defiant Joy - Session 4 - Joy Is Not Arrogant, But She Is Confident

Duration: 20:30

Defiant Joy - Session 5 - Joy Embraces Sorrow

Duration: 18:41

Defiant Joy - Session 6 - You’re Full of It

Duration: 15:05

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