Empty Promises

Notice: This title will be removed from Study Gateway on October 18, 2019. What if you could find everything your soul is longing for? God has a plan to heal the soul's gnawing inner emptiness that is always longing for something more. What drives this futile attempt for fulfillment is the heart's true desire for significance, worth, and value—a desire that can only be met in the person and worship of Jesus Christ. Join Pastor Pete Wilson in his exploration of the empty promises of the “good life” that includes the seduction of achievement, addiction to approval, idolatry of religion, obsession with money, and more. Learn not only to relinquish these idols, but replace them by turning your focus and worship toward God. It is the only thing that will set you absolutely free from the endless pursuit of everything else.

6 sessions
Duration: 48:29

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Empty Promises, Session 1, The Waiting Rooms of Life

Duration: 7:47

In Session 1, "The Waiting Rooms of Life," you will learn that keeping the first commandment during all periods of life is imperative for following God's other commandments.

Empty Promises, Session 2, The Good Life

Duration: 7:55

In Session 2, "The Good Life," you will learn what God presents as a good life and the ultimate fulfillment it brings.

Empty Promises, Session 3, Religion Lies

Duration: 7:39

In Session 3, "Religion Lies," you will learn that you can be free from working for God's love and rest in his grace.

Empty Promises, Session 4, Money

Duration: 8:08

In Session 4, "Money," you will learn that you are not immune from the love of money and the temptation to make it your source of peace and security instead of God.

Empty Promises, Session 5, Death of a Dream

Duration: 8:02

In Session 5, "Death of a Dream," you will learn that sometimes you need to give up your dream so God can continue his big plans for your life.

Empty Promises, Session 6, Soul Satisfaction

Duration: 7:45

In Session 6, "Soul Satisfaction," you will seek the only way you can find fulfillment, security, significance, and success in this life.

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