Expecting to See Jesus

Anne Graham Lotz teams up with Crawford Loritts and Henry Blackaby to discuss how the lives of Biblical characters such as King Josiah, Ezekiel, Moses, David, Isaiah, Ezra, and Nehemiah demonstrate different aspects of revival. If you want to experience a deeper relationship with God through a personal revival, you must wake up, open your eyes, rend your heart, bend your knees, move your feet, and just say yes.

9 sessions
Duration: 4:09:49

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Expecting to See Jesus, Session 1. He's Coming!

Duration: 32:11

To introduce this Bible study, Anne speaks from the Mount of Olives in Israel, which is where Jesus was when he taught his disciples "how to tell time." They wanted to know what the signs would be of the end of the age, and Jesus taught them how to see the spiritual signs, national signs, environmental signs, personal signs, and global signs.

Expecting to See Jesus, Session 2. Listening for His Voice Bible Study Workshop

Duration: 26:31

Anne conducts a Bible study workshop with a gathering of people at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove. Join in with this interactive set of exercises to practice a method of studying Scripture that unlocks its meaning and enables you to hear God speak to you personally.

Expecting to See Jesus, Session 3. You're Sleeping!

Duration: 27:26

Many Christians have much head knowledge, but for some reason it hasn't made its way to our hearts. We lack a real love for Jesus and a passion to live our lives abandoned to him. Crawford Loritts and Henry Blackaby join Anne to discuss how King Josiah, a good king and great reformer, discovered what was missing in his life. Could we be missing the same thing?

Expecting to See Jesus, Session 4. Wake Up!

Duration: 26:17

September 11. The tsunami. Hurricane Katrina. An earthquake in Southeast Asia. Catastrophes such as these often prove to be wakeup calls for God's people to share the gospel with renewed passion and boldness. From the life of Ezekiel we see how God sends messengers to us in the storms of life to wake us up, refocus us on himself, and redirect us in our life's purpose.

Expecting to See Jesus, Session 5. Open Your Eyes!

Duration: 26:51

At one point Moses was so discouraged in his leadership of the people of Israel that he cried out for God to show him His glory. And God did. That encounter changed Moses on the inside so dramatically that the change could be seen on the outside too. How can you and I see the Lord in such a way that we're changed on the inside, and reflect his glory to others on the outside?

Expecting to See Jesus, Session 6. Rend Your Heart!

Duration: 27:14

David, "a man after God's own heart," was not immune to sin, and God had to send the prophet Nathan to force David to deal honestly with the sin that he had worked hard to cover up. David's response of confession in Psalm 51, where we see him "rend his heart," is one of the most moving prayers in the Bible. The panel discusses how we should respond when confronted by our own sin.

Expecting to See Jesus, Session 7. Bend Your Knees!

Duration: 26:58

The fundamental lesson of confession and repentance in order to receive the freedom of forgiveness and the fulness of God's blessing was one that Ezra found himself teaching God's children. They had lapsed back into serious sin after returning from exile, but Ezra's wet eyes, bent knees, and broken heart caused God's people to begin a process of national repentance and revival. The way up to God's blessing is down!

Expecting to See Jesus, Session 8. Just Say Yes!

Duration: 28:17

As part of your personal revival process, God has something to say that is unique and personal to say to you. We see the natural outcome of personal revival in Isaiah's story. God gave him a personal vision after his life was shaken by the death of King Uzziah, and he responded in contrite repentance and offering his availability in service. In response to God's call, he was willing to "just say yes."

Expecting to See Jesus, Session 9. Move Your Feet!

Duration: 28:04

There comes a time for us to stop reading, studying, discussing, thinking, and praying, and just do it. It's time to put all we know into practice and start living our lives for his glory. In this way Nehemiah headed to Jerusalem, saying essentially, "The time has come to stop thinking, praying, mourning, and talking about the broken-down condition of the walls. It's time to just do something about it."

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