In Fight, a five-session, video-based small group Bible study, pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel explores the life of Samson, helping you uncover who you really are—a man created with a warrior’s heart in the image of God—and how to stand up and fight for what’s right. Find the strength to fight the battles you know you need to fight—the ones that determine the state of your heart, the quality of your marriage, and the spiritual health of your family. The battles that make you dependent on God as the source of your strength. The battles that make you come alive. Craig looks at the life of Samson, showing how much we have in common with this guy. Things didn’t work out so well for him in the end. But by looking at his life, you’ll learn how to defeat the demons that make strong men weak. You’ll become who God made you to be—a man who knows how to fight for what’s right. Learn how to fight with faith, with prayer, and with the Word of God.

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Fight, Session 1. Fight Like a Man

In Session 1, "Fight Like a Man," you will learn two principles for being a warrior and two ways you may have to fight.

Fight, Session 2. Strong Men with Weak Wills

In Session 2, "Strong Men with Weak Wills," you will learn the three attitudes that make a man weak and three attitudes that make weak men strong.

Fight, Session 3. Spirit Led, Not Emo-Driven

In Session 3, "Spirit-Led, Not Emo-Driven," you will learn which of your emotions you need to fight and defeat.

Fight, Session 4. Small Steps, Big Destruction

In Session 4, "Small Steps, Big Destruction," you will learn the three entrapments that men often fall victim to and lose the battle.

Fight, Session 5. Failing Forward

In Session 5, "Failing Forward," you will learn the difference between the natural, human response to failure and the response of a godly man.