Lots of people think Christianity is all about doing what Jesus says. But what if doing what Jesus says isn’t what Jesus says to do at all? Jesus’ invitation is an invitation to relationship, and it begins with a simple request: follow me. Religion says, “Change and you can join us.” Jesus says, “Join us and you will change.” There’s a huge difference. Jesus doesn’t expect people to be perfect. He just wants them to follow him. Being a sinner doesn’t disqualify anyone. Being an unbeliever doesn’t disqualify anyone. In fact, following almost always begins with a sinner and unbeliever taking one small step. In this eight-session video-based Bible study, Andy Stanley takes you on a journey through the Gospels as he traces Jesus’ teaching on what it means to follow.

8 sessions
Duration: 2:49:33

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Follow, Session 1. Jesus Says

Duration: 19:30

In Session 1, "Jesus Says," you will learn that when Jesus asked you to follow him, it was an invitation to do what he does to reach those who need him.

Follow, Session 2. Next Steps

Duration: 21:50

In Session 2, "Next Steps," you will learn the three distinct steps that accompany a decision to follow Jesus.

Follow, Session 3. Fearless

Duration: 21:34

In Session 3, "Fearless," you will look into your own life and look for fears that you need to entrust to God so you can live more fully.

Follow, Session 4. Follow Wear

Duration: 22:34

In Session 4, "Follow Wear," you will learn the five things that the Bible directs you to wear as a Christian.

Follow, Session 5. The Fine Print

Duration: 22:27

In Session 5, "The Fine Print," you will learn the difference between being a follower of Jesus and a consumer of Jesus and learn the price you have to pay to be a true follower.

Follow, Session 6. What I Want to Want

Duration: 17:45

In Session 6, "What I Want to Want," you will learn about your critical, defining moment when you stop being a consumer of Jesus and decide to be a follower.

Follow, Session 7. Leading Great

Duration: 21:19

In Session 7, "Leading Great," you will discover the kind of leadership Jesus has invited and even commanded you to imitate.

Follow, Session 8. Unfollow

Duration: 22:34

In Session 8, "Unfollow," you will learn what it is that keeps a disciple from leaving the faith and learn the true cost of unfollowing Jesus.

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