Dr. David Jeremiah teaches a master class in how to live fearlessly and get your life in focus. He draws on Philippians 3:12-14 to show that while it is good at times to look back, we need to make sure that we don't go back and allow the past to dictate our future. We need to celebrate our good memories but also celebrate our bad memories with finality—thanking God for the lessons that He has taught us through the experience and committing to use those lesson to make positive changes in our lives. Let Forward be a step-by-step plan of action to move past where you are to where you want to be, and move FORWARD!

6 sessions
Duration: 2:26:00

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Forward - Session 1 - Dream: Seize Your Tomorrow Today

Duration: 24:30

Each of us has dreams for our lives, and it is important for these dreams to be aligned with God’s will. If we are merely chasing after a self-made vision of our own creation, we will never find true satisfaction—even if we make our vision a reality. God has created each one of us for His unique purposes, and He plants dreams inside us that we can never realize on our own. He wants us to walk by faith and trust Him to do what we consider impossible.

Forward - Session 2 - Focus: Make Your One Thing the Main Thing

Duration: 23:09

Once we have discerned our God-given dream, our next step is to focus on the one main thing in life that will keep us moving forward to obtain it. Are you spiritually farsighted—always looking ahead without doing what is required in the present? Or spiritually nearsighted—consumed by the overwhelming demands of each day’s tasks?

Forward - Session 3 - Risk: Get Out of Your Safe Zone

Duration: 24:57

Risk. It's a part of life, and it’s a big part of faith. Not every risk is worth taking, but if we are too overwhelmed by fear, we will miss out on opportunities for growth. Our dreams may stall, and we may find ourselves working hard to protect our comfort at all costs. If you want to go forward, you must be prepared to take some faith-based risks. After all, following Jesus was never intended to be safe!

Forward - Session 4 - Pursue: Chase Your Dream

Duration: 24:21

God has a purpose for you—and this purpose is unique to you and unlike anyone else’s. Our purpose is what will keep us stabilized during the shifting seasons of life so we keep up our pace. For this reason, we need to make sure that we have identified the correct purpose in reaching our dreams. Life isn’t about using God for our purposes. It is about God using us for His purposes.

Forward - Session 5 - Believe: Get Your Mind Right

Duration: 23:59

When it comes to optimism, it is important for us to guard against any self-help ideology that pushes God to the sidelines and magnifies our own human ability to generate it. Real hope comes from Christ who strengthens us. It does not come from believing in the power of positive thinking or from believing in ourselves. True optimism comes from biblical convictions about the nature of God.

Forward - Session 6 - Finish: You're Not Done Until You're Done

Duration: 25:04

If you don’t finish what you start, it is like entering a race and dropping out. At times, you will encounter barriers to finishing well. But no matter what barriers seem to be blocking your path, you must keep going until you cross the finish line. God wants you to stay focused on the race you are running so you can finish well.

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