Grace Filled Marriage

Couples come to the altar bursting with love for each other. Yet, based on how many marriages are unfulfilling, unhappy, or worse yet, end in divorce, it would seem that the love that gets couples married isn't enough to keep couples married. Maybe if we had the ability to love unconditionally, like God does, love would be enough…but we don't. Therefore, love falls short. Love isn't enough to save struggling marriages.

Discover what lens they are viewing their spouse through, and how flawed lenses lead to flawed relationships Discover how to meet their spouse's 3 inner needs of the heart Discover how to give their spouse 4 vital freedoms Learn how to resolve conflict Learn how a relationship built on grace results in mind-blowing sex Learn how a Grace Filled Marriage leads to a life that truly make a difference

8 sessions
Duration: 3:44:00

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Grace Filled Marriage, Session 1, What's Grace Got To Do With It?

Duration: 29:15

Grace Filled Marriage, Session 2, Marriage Through the Lens of God's Grace

Duration: 27:02

Grace Filled Marriage, Session 3, God's Grace and a Secure Love

Duration: 23:37

Grace Filled Marriage, Session 4, Grace-Filled Sex

Duration: 29:23

Grace Filled Marriage, Session 5, Enjoying a Significant Purpose and a Strong Hope

Duration: 27:20

Grace Filled Marriage, Session 6, The Freedom within a Grace-Filled Marriage

Duration: 26:27

Grace Filled Marriage, Session 7, The Character of a Grace-Filled Marriage

Duration: 35:01

Grace Filled Marriage, Session 8, The Heart Qualities of a Grace-Filled Marriage

Duration: 25:55

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