Holy Roar - Seven Words That Will Change the Way You Worship

Darren Whitehead deepens our practice of praise by uncovering the true meaning behind the seven Hebrew words for "praise." Then Chris Tomlin shares how those insights take shape in the stories behind his worship songs, including “How Great Is Our God,” “Holy Is the Lord,” “I Lift My Hands,” and “Good Good Father.”

4 sessions
Duration: 1:08:02

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Holy Roar - Session 1 - The Shout of Praise

Duration: 17:35

Halal is an exuberant expression of celebration that moves you to shout and cheer and lift your hands. Shabach means to declare triumph in a loud voice. "How Great is Our God" is an anthem of corporate praise that declares that Jesus is the "name above all names."

Holy Roar - Session 2 - The Posture of Praise

Duration: 16:30

Yadah means to revere with extended hands, and barak means to kneel and bless God as an act of adoration. The song "Holy is the Lord" was inspired by the apostle John's vision of heaven in Revelation 4:8.

Holy Roar - Session 3 - The Songs of Praise

Duration: 15:58

Tehillah is a spontaneous song, and zamar signifies celebrating in song and music. The song "Good Good Father" came from a time of praying for a request that seemed beyond miraculous, and spontaneously singing words of praise in the middle of immense pain.

Holy Roar - Session 4 - The Expectation of Praise

Duration: 17:59

Towdah is a sacrifice of praise, a thanksgiving for things not yet received. "I Lift My Hands" came out of Louie Giglio's experience of waking up in the night and singing when anxiety kept him awake.

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