I Am Restored

Two-time GRAMMY winning hip-hop artist and bestselling author Lecrae was forced to face the buried impact of unhealed wounds from his past when his personal life spun into chaos. Along the way to restoration, he learned the importance of not normalizing traumatic circumstances, and how not to turn people wounds into God wounds. The pain we all carry can be an unlikely guide to freedom for ourselves and others.

4 sessions
Duration: 1:00:51

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I Am Restored - Session 1: Facing the Turmoil

Duration: 13:58

There are three unhealthy ways that Christians tend to deal with pain: minimize it, over-spiritualize it, or memorialize it. Eventually we have to face our wounds if we don't want to feel so broken anymore.

I Am Restored - Session 2: Confronting the Chaos

Duration: 17:39

"My deconstructing faith, mixed with the reality of American politics and ever-growing racial injustice splattered across the news, was the perfect storm of chaos. I had spent much of my life meeting the cultural expectations of Christians based on minor teachings of the Bible rather than on the major commands of loving God and others. I knew something had to change. I had to confront the chaos."

I Am Restored - Session 3: Discovering Hope

Duration: 16:14

"Uncovering the wounds of my childhood left me traumatized from decades of rejection. Sin was the only thing that felt like it could numb my pain. But the sin led to shame, and that shame brought on a current of deep depression. For us to make it through the pain, we have to hold on to the promise of hope. But to do that, we have to spend time with the promise-maker."

I Am Restored - Session 4: Walking in Light

Duration: 13:00

Sometimes the best thing we can do in the middle of the chaos is take a break. Taking a break can look like a sabbatical, a vacation, or even a walk outside around the block. When we actively pursue healing by connecting with God, we find that it frames our current struggles in a different light.

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