I Know His Name

In this five-session Bible study, Wendy Blight implements her practical and approachable style to equip readers to study the Word of God and then apply it to their own lives in practical ways. This study is for any woman who wants to move beyond simply knowing about God to really knowing God in a very personal way. Join Wendy as she teaches how the very names of God reveal His character and heart.

5 sessions
Duration: 1:22:50

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I Know His Name, Session 1, Elohim: The One Who Created You

Duration: 15:58

I Know His Name, Session 2, El Roi: The One Who Sees You

Duration: 16:28

I Know His Name, Session 3, Jehovah Nissi: The One Who Stands Guard Over You

Duration: 17:31

I Know His Name, Session 4, Jehovah Rapha: The One Who Heals You

Duration: 17:17

I Know His Name, Session 5, More Magnificent Names: God Our Rock

Duration: 15:36

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