Known by Name: Rahab - Don’t Judge Me; God Says I’m Qualified

The women in the Bible asked the same three questions we all still ask today: How does everyone else see me? How do I see myself? How does God see me?

Rahab’s story, found in the book of Joshua, is a story of a girl boss, an assertive, confident woman who did what she had to do to provide for her family. Her identity was shaped by her upbringing. With no Bible study to join or podcast to download, Rahab learned her beliefs and behaviors in a culture that believed in gods, not God. But when opportunity knocked, she boldly trusted in the God she had never known, and became something she never imagined–a woman who brought freedom to generations.

This Bible study will take you through Rahab’s story as she trusted God’s final word about her worth above society’s. You will learn how to shed unhelpful labels and fears, and instead revel in God’s unconditional love and acceptance of you–just as you are. You can be free from shame and doubt.

4 sessions
Duration: 1:18:33

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