Let. It. Go.

Women are wired to control. We crave control. And we start doing it the moment we utter our first string of tiny words that constitute a complete sentence. However, being over-controlling is not a way to win friends, influence people or make our families adore us. Quite the contrary! It often earns us the label of control freak and sends those within our sphere of influence packing. In this six-session, video-based study, author and popular conference speaker Karen Ehman equips women with power-packed Scriptures to help them turn from micro-managing to trusting God.

6 sessions
Duration: 2:07:11

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Let. It. Go., Session 1. God Called and He'd Like His Job Back

Duration: 16:14

In Session 1, "God Called and He'd Like His Job Back," learn why women feel the need to control and how you can stop running the show and walk in faith.

Let. It. Go., Session 2. Combating the "Me-First" Mentality

Duration: 19:37

In Session 2, "Combating the 'Me-First' Mentality," you will learn to take God at His word, trust His timing, and learn the signs of a "me-first" maniac.

Let. It. Go., Session 3. Pursuing the Appearance of Perfection

Duration: 22:39

In Session 3, "Pursuing the Appearance of Perfection," learn the questions to ask yourself to determine whether you are doing something out of wisdom and kindness or to appear perfect.

Let. It. Go., Session 4. Practicing the Art of Soul Control

Duration: 20:39

In Session 4, "Practicing the Art of Soul Control," you will learn eight ways you can gain control over your own attitude when you can't control the circumstances around you.

Let. It. Go., Session 5. When Comparisons Lead to Over-Control

Duration: 23:15

In Session 5, "When Comparisons Lead to Over-Control," discover the dangers of comparing your reality to another person's appearance and trying to become a cheap imitation of someone else.

Let. It. Go., Session 6. Fixing Your Eyes on the Attitude Indicator

Duration: 24:47

In Session 6, "Fixing Your Eyes on the Attitude Indicator," learn to use the Bible and the Holy Spirit to keep your attitude focused on pursuing God instead of trying to be God.

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