Love and War

Take your marriage to new levels through developing deeper intimacy and stepping into the great adventure God has waiting for you … together! With refreshing openness that grabs you from the first words, bestselling authors John and Stasi Eldredge candidly discuss their own marriage and the insights they’ve gained from the challenges they’ve faced. Each of them talks independently about what they’ve learned, giving their guidance a personal immediacy and balance between the male and female perspectives – a unique feature of this study.

8 sessions
Duration: 3:18:02

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Love and War, Session 1. Hope and Vision

Duration: 24:15

Find your way back to what you first wanted out of your marriage and what that would look like now.

Love and War, Session 2. Perfect Storm

Duration: 23:59

In Session 2, “A Perfect Storm,” you will understand how a marriage can easily turn into a disaster and how you can shift into a more harmonious life together.

Love and War, Session 3. Greatest Gift You Can Give

Duration: 24:43

In Session 3, “The Greatest Gift You Can Give,” you will learn that in order to have a happy relationship with your spouse, you must have a happy relationship with God.

Love and War, Session 4. Sharing an Adventure

Duration: 24:52

In Session 4, “Sharing an Adventure,” you will learn where living separate lives will get you and how having a team mentality brings you closer.

Love and War, Session 5. The Enemy Is Not Your Spouse

Duration: 24:18

In Session 5, “The Enemy Is Not Your Spouse,” you will learn how to combat the lies and lures of Satan as he attacks your marriage.

Love and War, Session 6. Storm Clouds

Duration: 25:12

In Session 6, “Storm Clouds,” you will learn how to interpret and respond to difficult circumstances in a way that moves toward resolution.

Love and War, Session 7. Sex

Duration: 25:14

In Session 7, “Sex,” you will learn the purpose of intimacy in your marriage and what it brings to your relationship.

Love and War, Session 8. A Thousand Little Choices

Duration: 25:29

In Session 8, “A Thousand Little Choices,” you will learn that in order to love fully, forgiveness must be fully present, frequently, every day.

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