Love Talk

Couples consistently name “improved communication” as the greatest need in their relationships. Love Talk, a six-session, video-based study by acclaimed relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, gives you a simple plan to communicate in love with your spouse. The first steps to improving communication are to identify your fear factors and determine your personal communication styles. Then you can learn how the two of you can best interact. This study uses easy-to-understand language that clearly teaches you what you need to do—and not do—to speak each other’s language like you never have before.

8 sessions
Duration: 1:17:52

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Love Talk, Session 1. Character 101

Duration: 15:57

In Session 1, “Communication 101,” you will discern when you have your best conversations as a couple and one practical thing you can do to make time to connect.

Love Talk, Session 2. The Foundation of Every Great Conversation

Duration: 13:49

In Session 2, “The Foundation of Every Conversation,” you will learn your “fear factor” and discern how this changes the way you speak with each other.

Love Talk, Session 3. Your Personal Talk Style

Duration: 11:11

In Session 3, “Your Personal Talk Style,” you will decide whether facts or feelings are more important to you, and which of you is spontaneous and which is cautious and also identify your personal talk style.

Love Talk, Session 4. The Secret to Emotional Connection

Duration: 9:45

In Session 4, “The Secret to Emotional Connection,” you will discern whether you are an analyzer or sympathizer. You will discuss the act of empathy and how you can use empathy with your spouse.

Love Talk, Session 5. When Not to Talk

Duration: 12:43

In Session 5, “When Not to Talk,” you will discuss the idea of not talking to each other and discern how you react to anger and your “advice quotient.”

Love Talk, Session 6. The Most Important Conversation You'll Ever Have

Duration: 10:15

In Session 6, “The Most Important Conversation You’ll Ever Have,” you will discuss the idea of self-talk and discern how much of your self-talk is positive or negative and come up with specific ways to make your self-talk more positive.

Love Talk, Leaders: Watch This First

Duration: 2:31

A special introduction to this series for leaders.

Love Talk Indicator - Online Assessment

Duration: 1:41

Understand and identify your personal fear factor through the Love Talk Indicator.

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