Made to Crave Action Plan

In this six-session small group bible study, Made to Crave Action Plan, Lysa Terkuerst’s follow-up to the New York Times bestseller, Made to Crave, Lysa helps you discover how to put into action, those things you learned through the Made to Crave book and small group study.

Trying to get healthy can seem overwhelming and complicated. Eat carbs…don’t eat carbs. Eat fish…don’t eat fish. Pay attention to calories…don’t pay attention to calories. All this conflicting information can be daunting and confusing.

But it all becomes clear in the Made to Crave Action Plan. It will help you implement a long-term plan of action for healthy living. You’ll be encouraged by Bible teaching from Lysa, uplifted by testimonies from women like Christian music chart-topper Mandisa, and empowered with healthy living tips from Dr. Ski Chilton, an expert in molecular medicine – all while charting a permanent course for successful, healthy living.

This curriculum will help women who found their “want to” by participating in the Made to Crave study master the “how to” of living a healthy physical life as well as cultivate a rich and full relationship with God. Made to Crave Action Plan gives women of all ages Biblical encouragement for both their physical and spiritual journeys plus healthy living tips for use in their everyday lives.

6 sessions
Duration: 3:51:59

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Made to Crave Action Plan, Session 1. Take Action

Duration: 35:35

Session 1, "Take Action," will help you identify first steps toward healthy living.

Made to Crave Action Plan, Session 2. Eat Smart

Duration: 44:44

Session 2, "Eat Smart," adresses the topics of adding fish and fiber to your diet.

Made to Crave Action Plan, Session 3. Embrace the Equation

Duration: 41:20

Session 3, "Embrace the Equation," outlines the benefits of reducing calories and adding exercise.

Made to Crave Action Plan, Session 4. Maximize Key Nutrients

Duration: 41:33

Session 4, "Maximize Key Nutrients," highlights the importance of key nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Made to Crave Action Plan, Session 5. Practice the Five Principles

Duration: 32:28

Session 5, "Practice the Five Principles," highlights five basic principles to include in any healthy living plan.

Made to Crave Action Plan, Session 6. Make a Courageous Choice

Duration: 36:19

Session 6, "Make a Courageous Choice," encourages you to direct your heart toward love and perseverance.

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