Meant For Good

Meant for Good is a power-packed, biblical look at the truth that you really can trust God's plan for your life—no matter what your life looks like right now. Dynamic Bible teacher Megan Fate Marshman will help you discover how to stop discounting yourself from a hopeful future, start living in active dependence on God, and find your way to the perfect plan He has for you in this six-session video Bible study.

With authenticity and revelatory insights into the character of Jesus, Megan shares an engaging and fresh look at the core themes within the well-loved scripture of Jeremiah 29:11-14. Through winsome and inspiring stories, Meant for Good will show you how to trust God in your daily life, and more importantly, how to trust God's definition of good above your own.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:51:03


Meant for Good - Session 1 - God's Plans are Meant for Good

Duration: 16:48

Meant for Good - Session 2 - We're Invited to Trust

Duration: 20:19

Meant for Good - Session 3 - Call Upon God

Duration: 24:16

Meant for Good - Session 4 - Come and Pray

Duration: 19:52

Meant for Good - Session 5 - Seek Him with All Your Heart

Duration: 14:56

Meant for Good - Session 6 - Say "Yes!" to God

Duration: 14:52

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