Organic Outreach: Sharing Good News Naturally

Every follower of Jesus has a sincere desire to share God’s love with others. We want to tell friends and family about who Jesus is, what he means to us, and all he has done for us. Deep in our hearts we have a burning passion to pass on the good news we have received. But where do we start?

Together with Organic Outreach for Ordinary People, the Organic Outreach Video Study will help you shape a personal approach to passing on the good news of Jesus in natural ways. This is not a system or a program. It’s a collection of biblical practices that you can incorporate into your life starting today. You can begin right where God has placed you. You can share the love and message of Jesus in a way that fits exactly how God has wired you. In this practical study, pastor and author Kevin Harney offers the tools needed to reach out with God’s love in organic ways.

Discover ordinary ways to communicate God’s love and the message of salvation—naturally.

13 sessions
Duration: 6:04:13

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Organic Outreach - Session 1 - The Law of Love

Duration: 26:46

Organic Outreach - Session 2 - Becoming Grace Bearers

Duration: 23:45

Organic Outreach - Session 3 - Embracing the Bible and Truth

Duration: 31:14

Organic Outreach - Session 4 - The One-Degree Rule

Duration: 25:49

Organic Outreach - Session 5 - Everyone Plays

Duration: 25:51

Organic Outreach - Session 6 - The Unseen Work: Praying for People

Duration: 25:11

Organic Outreach - Session 7 - The Wonder of Encounter: Praying with People

Duration: 28:38

Organic Outreach - Session 8 - Incarnational Living

Duration: 31:18

Organic Outreach - Session 9 - Try Something

Duration: 30:26

Organic Outreach - Session 10 - The Work of the Holy Spirit

Duration: 27:47

Organic Outreach - Session 11 - Engaging in Spiritual Conversations

Duration: 29:13

Organic Outreach - Session 12 - Telling Your Story

Duration: 27:17

Organic Outreach - Session 13 - Sharing Good News

Duration: 30:58

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