Organic Outreach: Sharing Good News Naturally

Organic Outreach: Sharing Good News Naturally

Shape your personal approach to passing on the good news of Jesus in natural ways. This is not a system or a program. It’s a collection of biblical practices that you can incorporate into your life starting today, right where God has placed you. You can share the love and message of Jesus in a way that fits exactly how God has wired you. Discover ordinary ways to communicate God’s love and the message of salvation...naturally.

13 sessions
Duration: 6:04:13

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Organic Outreach - Session 1 - The Law of Love

Duration: 26:46

We are not called to make the conversion of unbelievers a project to check off on our list of religious duties. Many things can drive us toward the work of outreach, but the greatest motivator of all should be love — love for God and love for people.

Organic Outreach - Session 2 - Becoming Grace Bearers

Duration: 23:45

To be prepared for the work of outreach, the soil of our own hearts should first be drenched with the refreshing waters of God's grace. Then, as our hearts overflow with the love of God and his goodness, we become conduits of his grace to the world.

Organic Outreach - Session 3 - Embracing the Bible and Truth

Duration: 31:14

People in the world are looking at us, wondering if we really believe what we say we believe. Our core beliefs, such as people are lost without Jesus, his sacrifice was necessary to pay for our sins, and the reality of heaven and hell, should move us to evangelize. If we don't feel compelled to evangelize, can we say we really believe our beliefs?

Organic Outreach - Session 4 - The One-Degree Rule

Duration: 25:49

Do an honest and humble self-assessment of your personal evangelistic temperature — identify the level of your evangelistic passion on a scale of one to ten. Then, do something to raise your temperature by one degree.

Organic Outreach - Session 5 - Everyone Plays

Duration: 25:51

Evangelism is not a spectator sport. We are all called to get into the game. God invites every follower of Jesus to get off the sidelines and onto the field. We do this by being salt and light in the ways that feel most natural to us.

Organic Outreach - Session 6 - The Unseen Work: Praying for People

Duration: 25:11

Prayer is the cornerstone of all effective outreach. We unleash heavenly power when we pray for lost people. We are also called to pray for ourselves and other believers to enter the harvest fields with God's good news.

Organic Outreach - Session 7 - The Wonder of Encounter: Praying with People

Duration: 28:38

Praying with unbelievers is an opportunity for God to show up and reveal his power. Try a Restaurant Prayer. The next time you go to a restaurant and your server is not too busy, take a moment to say, “I’m going to have a prayer before my meal. If you have a need I can pray for, please feel free to let me know about it when the food gets here.”

Organic Outreach - Session 8 - Incarnational Living

Duration: 31:18

People need to hear about Jesus, but they also need to see him. As his ambassadors on this earth, we are to reflect his love, show his heart, and incarnate his presence wherever God sends us. This means bringing Jesus' presence into our world by jumping into our community with enthusiasm.

Organic Outreach - Session 9 - Try Something

Duration: 30:26

Part of outreach is taking action and having the courage to try new things. There is only one gospel, but there are many ways to express it and to reach people who are spiritually disconnected. Spirit-anointed creativity opens evangelistic doors as we try many ways to scatter the seed of the gospel.

Organic Outreach - Session 10 - The Work of the Holy Spirit

Duration: 27:47

We can do our part, but only God can draw people to Jesus and change their lives. One essential element of sharing our faith is learning to listen for God’s leading as we work in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Organic Outreach - Session 11 - Engaging in Spiritual Conversations

Duration: 29:13

Spiritual conversations don’t have to be forced and uncomfortable. They can be a natural part of our lives. God wants our faith to overflow into our daily interactions in organic ways. If our faith is real, it will be part of our ordinary conversations.

Organic Outreach - Session 12 - Telling Your Story

Duration: 27:17

Christians don’t have just one testimony; we have many. Our testimonies are stories of God’s power and presence in our lives. Every new day brings fresh stories of God’s goodness and grace.

Organic Outreach - Session 13 - Sharing Good News

Duration: 30:58

We can love people, pray for them, and serve them, but there comes a time when they need to hear the message of Jesus Christ, the gospel. Every believer can naturally present this simple, clear, and lifechanging message.

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