Real Marriage

In Real Marriage, an eleven-session, video-based study by Mark and Grace Driscoll, you'll face the tough issues in your marriage so you can come out stronger and more united than ever. Study guide sold separately.

10 sessions
Duration: 1:55:41

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Real Marriage, Session 1, New Marriage, Same Spouse

Duration: 9:36

In Session 1, "New Marriage, Same Spouse," you will learn how to put the work in to reap the rewards of a thriving marriage.

Real Marriage, Session 2, Friend with Benefits

Duration: 11:38

In Session 2, "Friend with Benefits," you will learn the seven aspects of friendship that are integral to your marriage relationship.

Real Marriage, Session 3, Men and Marriage

Duration: 10:33

In Session 3, "Men and Marriage," you will learn how to have a marriage that shines out God's grace and gives him glory.

Real Marriage, Session 4, The Respectful Wife

Duration: 9:06

In Session 4, "The Respectful Wife," you will learn that being a wife is not a duty; it is a calling that, through the power of Christ, can be life-giving and full of joy.

Real Marriage, Session 5, Taking Out the Trash

Duration: 13:50

In Session 5, "Taking Out the Trash," you will learn that true repentance is a combination of three things: confession, contrition, and change.

Real Marriage, Session 6, Sex: Gross, God, or Gift?

Duration: 13:26

In Session 6, "Sex: Gross, God, or Gift?" you will learn that sex is designed to be a gift in your marriage for God's glory and your good.

Real Marriage, Session 7, Disgrace and Grace

Duration: 10:00

In Session 7, "Disgrace and Grace," you will learn how to get yourself or your spouse beyond the disgrace of past abuse and move toward the healing power of God's grace.

Real Marriage, Session 8, The Porn Path

Duration: 13:09

In Session 8, "The Porn Path," you will learn the dangers porn brings to your marriage and how you can break the hold it has on you.

Real Marriage, Session 9, Selfish Lovers and Servant Lovers

Duration: 13:12

In Session 9, "Selfish Lovers and Servant Lovers," you will learn through Jesus' example how to be unselfish in your marriage and develop a servant heart.

Real Marriage, Session 10, Can We _____?

Duration: 11:11

In Session 10, "Can We _____?" you will learn three questions you can ask when approaching sexual behavior and practices.

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