In Restless, an eight-session, video-based study, Bible study teacher and author Jennie Allen helps you discover a practical plan to identify the threads of your life and how to intentionally weave them together for God's glory and purposes. Using the story of Joseph, Jennie explains how his suffering, gifts, story, and relationships fit into the greater story of God—and how our stories can do the same.

8 sessions
Duration: 2:45:49

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Restless, Session 1. Restless

Duration: 23:08

Session 1, "Restless," introduces you to the idea that you are restless without God and his purpose for your life.

Restless, Session 2. God's Story

Duration: 23:22

Session 2, "God's Story," teaches that you were made for a purpose, and you are part of God's eternal story.

Restless, Session 3. Gifts

Duration: 18:17

Session 3, "Gifts," teaches that moving into your God-given purposes requires an understanding of your God-given gifts and strengths.

Restless, Session 4. Suffering

Duration: 22:43

Session 4, "Suffering," teaches that the greatest thing you have to give to the world could be hidden in your darkest moments.

Restless, Session 5. Places

Duration: 20:06

Session 5, "Places," teaches that if you are going to think about your purpose, there is no escaping this question: Do you stay in place, or do you need to go?

Restless, Session 6. People

Duration: 18:43

Session 6, "People," teaches that every person you come into contact with has been put in your path on purpose by God.

Restless, Session 7. Passions

Duration: 19:06

Session 7, "Passions," teaches that God wants to use your passions, those issues you feel down to your gut, to make a difference in your world.

Restless, Session 8. Mystery

Duration: 20:24

Session 8, "Mystery," teaches that God’s goal for our lives is that we would live in complete and utter surrender and dependence on him.

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