Rumors of God

Rumors of God

What if the rumors are true? Rumors of God Video-Based Study is a call to Christians seeking a vision of the life God is calling them to, one that transcends the shallowness of our culture. This video-based small group study will challenge group members to reject what is plausible and to cry out for God to bring what is possible in their lives and in the church. Authors Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson share compelling stories about the work and activity of God today. Packed with fresh cultural observations and illuminating Scriptural insights, Rumors of God Video-Based Study will ignite a passion in your heart to see your faith come to life.

7 sessions
Duration: 1:19:02

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Rumors of God, Introduction

Duration: 8:29

In the introduction, you will meet the authors and how they came to become Christians and develop this series.

Rumors of God, Session 1, Rumors of Another Dream

Duration: 10:58

In Session 1, "Rumors of Another Dream", you will explore what the dreams in your life are, and how your dreams reveal your heart.

Rumors of God, Session 2, Rumors of Generosity

Duration: 12:59

In Session 2, "Rumors of Generosity", explores how Jesus calls us to give away our privilege.

Rumors of God, Session 3, Rumors of Grace

Duration: 9:54

In Session 3, "Rumors of Grace", you will learn how grace is a free gift, and how to lavish others with grace.

Rumors of God, Session 4, Rumors of Forgiveness

Duration: 15:02

In Session 4, "Rumors of Forgiveness", you will learn the power of forgiveness, and how it can help you move past pain.

Rumors of God, Session 5, Rumors of Commitment

Duration: 13:44

In Session 5, "Rumors of Commitment", you will learn how to set aside the desires of self in order to reconnect with others around you.

Rumors of God, Session 6, Rumors of Hope

Duration: 7:56

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