Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage is a six-session video-based study that invites you to see how God can use marriage as a motivation to know him more.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:58:51

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Sacred Marriage, Session 1. God's Purpose for Marriage

Duration: 24:25

Session 1, “God’s Purpose for Marriage: More than We Imagine,” challenges you to use marriage trials and joys to grow in God.

Sacred Marriage, Session 2. Refining Power of Marriage

Duration: 12:31

Session 2, “The Refining Power of Marriage,” illustrates that sticking with your marriage can help you develop the character of God.

Sacred Marriage, Session 3. God-Centered Spouse

Duration: 17:22

Session 3, “The God-Centered Spouse,” shows the kind of marriage that moves beyond self-centered motivation to God-centered.

Sacred Marriage, Session 4. Sacred History

Duration: 21:09

Session 4, “Sacred History,” shows that perseverance in marriage is mirroring the heart of God.

Sacred Marriage, Session 5. Sexual Saints

Duration: 22:54

Session 5, “Sexual Saints,” gives a healthy, biblical view of sex in the context of marriage.

Sacred Marriage, Session 6. Marriage, The Love Laboratory

Duration: 20:30

Session 6, “Marriage: The Love Laboratory,” points out that marriage has the potential to form you into something more beautiful than you.

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