Sacred Parenting

Parenting a child is an in-depth course in spiritual formation, expressly designed by God to touch you and teach you in ways you could never have imagined. What if one of God’s primary intentions for you as a parent isn’t about successfully raising perfect children, but about your becoming more holy? Sacred Parenting helps you look at parenting from a different perspective. This six-session, video-based study by Gary Thomas offers a road map to new territory—sacred territory defined by the children God has given to teach you his lesson in love.

6 sessions
Duration: 2:04:19

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Sacred Parenting, Session 1. Parenting: God's Hammer on Our Souls

Duration: 23:02

In Session 1, "Parenting: God's Hammer on Our Souls," you will learn that the refining process of parenting can be painful and frustrating, but God uses it to make you more like Christ.

Sacred Parenting, Session 2. It's All About Him: God-Centered Parenting

Duration: 16:33

In Session 2, "It's All about Him: God-Centered Parenting," you will learn how the earthly process of changing diapers, teaching children, and raising teens can be a continual act of worship.

Sacred Parenting, Session 3. Hardest Hurt of All

Duration: 20:24

In Session 3, "The Hardest Hurt of All," you will learn that you don't have to live in fear of your children's failures or injuries and that God will use these experiences to mature them.

Sacred Parenting, Session 4. Embracing our Insignificance

Duration: 23:33

In Session 4, "Embracing Our Insignificance," you will learn that your family is so much more important that anything you can accomplish at work and learn the value of leaving a legacy for future generations.

Sacred Parenting, Session 5. Gold Behind the Guilt

Duration: 18:13

In Session 5, "The Gold Behind the Guilt," you will learn that guilt is experienced by all parents and there is a positive side to your limitations where God can fill in.

Sacred Parenting, Session 6. Sweet Side of Sacrifice

Duration: 22:34

In Session 6, "The Sweet Side of Sacrifice," you will learn that the fundamental attitude of a Christian is sacrifice, and the sacrifices you make for your children can bring you to deeper Christian maturity.

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