In Satisfied, a six-session, video-based study, Pastor Jeff Manion weaves eye-opening biblical and cultural history with his gift of contemporary storytelling to help you find contentment in a discontent world.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:45:28

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Satisfied, Session 1. The School of Contentment

Duration: 14:36

In Session 1, "The School of Contentment," gives you an idea of how Jesus reshapes the way you view your income, spending, saving, giving, and accumulating.

Satisfied, Session 2. Comparison

Duration: 19:31

Session 2, "Comparison," teaches that comparison is the enemy to the satisfied, generous life.

Satisfied, Session 3. Identity Shift

Duration: 15:10

Session 3, "Identity Shift," encourages you to forge your identity around the one who created you instead of by what you earn, buy, or own.

Satisfied, Session 4. The Challenge of Affluence

Duration: 15:31

Session 4, "The Challenge of Affluence," challenges you to have hope in God and not in the things you accumulate.

Satisfied, Session 5. The Generous Heart

Duration: 20:10

Session 5, "The Generous Heart," illustrates that growing in the art of generosity will require you to grow in the art of trusting God.

Satisfied, Session 6. The Invitation

Duration: 20:30

Session 6, "The Invitation," teaches that affluence is not always a friend to faith; as wealth grows, spiritual drift often follows in its wake.

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