Skit Training 101

Whether you’re leading a team of students or adult actors, the Skit Training 101, a six-session, interactive video-based study gives you everything you need to create drama that engages, entertains, and even educates! For twenty years The Skit Guys, Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, have been writing and performing skits that communicate a message and keep audiences laughing. They’ve been at it long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Now they’re using their experience and expertise to help you create the kind of drama that makes an impact on your audience.

6 sessions
Duration: 50:35


Skit Training 101, Session 1. What Worked, What Didn't Work and Theatre vs. Skits

Duration: 5:55

In Session 1, "What Worked, What Didn't Work and Theatre vs. Skits," you will learn how to properly critique your works as a team to bring about valuable.

Skit Training 101, Session 2. Stage Direction, Props, Enunciation and Projection

Duration: 8:53

In Session 2, "Stage Direction, Props, Enunciation, and Projection," you will learn everything you need to know about performing on stage.

Skit Training 101, Session 3. Roles, Character

Duration: 8:57

In Session 3, "Roles, Character," you will learn how to get into character and become the role you are playing.

Skit Training 101, Session 4. The Page-Down Method

Duration: 8:23

In Session 4, "The Page-Down Method," you will not only learn a memorization method, but you will create unity in your group and help your team listen to and respond to each other.

Skit Training 101, Session 5. The Blueprint Method

Duration: 9:38

In Session 5, "Blueprint Method," you will learn how you can take a story or a theme and write a great skit using all of the members of your team.

Skit Training 101, Session 6. The Improv Method

Duration: 8:49

In Session 6, "Improv Method," you will learn the fundamentals of improv and see your group grow as never before.

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