Spirit Hunger

Spirit Hunger unwraps your heart’s desire to engage God, even when you cover that desire with lesser loves. In this six-session, video-based study, author and speaker Gari Meacham identifies the path we share as we struggle to engage God in prayer and belief. Gari writes, “With the authenticity of my own life stories—marriage to a professional baseball player, struggles with severe food bondage, and a father who was a quadriplegic—I came to the crisp realization that my prayer life and the belief needed to match." Spirit Hunger provides a clear path toward matching these heart cries—leading away from crumbs and counterfeit, to a hungering for God. Relatable and relative, Gari teaches, out of her own experience, how to stop hiding from God and enter into a soul quenching relationship with Him.

6 sessions
Duration: 2:06:48

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Spirit Hunger, Session 1. Hiding, Controlling, and Mocha Lattes

Duration: 18:41

In Session 1, "Hiding, Controlling, and Mocha Lattes," you will learn that the only way to tame your innate need for control is by putting your trust in God.

Spirit Hunger, Session 2. Engaging God: From Longing to Prayer

Duration: 22:28

In Session 2, "Engaging God: from Longing to Prayer," learn some of the reasons you may feel stunted in your prayer life and how prayer changes as you mature in it.

Spirit Hunger, Session 3. Whispers and Screams: How Do We Pray?

Duration: 21:58

In Session 3, "Whispers and Screams: How Do We Pray?" you will learn two types of prayer and what kind of response each requires from you.

Spirit Hunger, Session 4. The Guts to Believe

Duration: 21:28

In Session 4, "The Guts to Believe," you will learn that prayer engages you with God, but belief is the proof that you trust the God you pray to.

Spirit Hunger, Session 5. Listening Postures

Duration: 21:27

In Session 5, "Listening Postures," you will learn that if you want to hear God you need to posture yourself humbly and expectantly.

Spirit Hunger, Session 6. Who's in Charge?

Duration: 20:46

In Session 6, "Who's in Charge?" learn the metaphor of the potter and the clay and three pottery principles you can take from it.

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