Start Becoming a Good Samaritan

This six-session video-based study is an unprecedented initiative to help Christians live out Christ's love in world-changing ways right where they live. This groundbreaking training program helps small groups, families, entire churches, and organizations of every size explore the most pressing issues of our time—then start actually doing something about them. This study takes Christians out of the pews and into the streets where, as the hands and feet of Christ, they will live out the gospel, positively impacting those suffering from poverty, social injustice, pandemic diseases, and more.

7 sessions
Duration: 3:09:41

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Start Becoming a Good Samaritan, Session 1. Becoming a Good Samaritan

Duration: 32:18

Session 1 illustrates the importance of showing love to others in personal and practical ways.

Start Becoming a Good Samaritan, Session 2. Caring for the Sick

Duration: 32:16

Session 2 reminds you that you have been healed of sickness by God and to discern how you might be his conduit of healing for someone else.

Start Becoming a Good Samaritan, Session 3. Seeking Justice and Reconciliation

Duration: 31:17

Session 3 focuses on the importance of having a pure heart before you seek justice.

Start Becoming a Good Samaritan, Session 4. Honoring the Poor

Duration: 30:17

Session 4 challenges you to reach others with Jesus' message of grace by putting off selfish concerns and sinful desires and putting on compassion for a broken and needy world.

Start Becoming a Good Samaritan, Session 5. Tending to God's Creation

Duration: 30:33

Session 5 highlights ways you can shape your personal life in creation-friendly ways by conserving resources and practicing creation-friendly habits.

Start Becoming a Good Samaritan, Session 6. Loving the Forsaken

Duration: 30:46

In Session 6, you will learn that God calls you to represent Jesus not just to people who look like you and believe like you, but to every man, woman, and child who needs his care.

Start Becoming a Good Samaritan - Message to Leaders

Duration: 2:14

A special introduction for leaders.

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