Starting Point

Starting Point is a conversational environment where you can explore faith and experience community. It’s a safe place for you to ask the questions you’ve always wondered about but never felt you could ask at church, legitimate questions that would make many Christians uncomfortable. Ask them. Nothing is off-limits. We believe God is big enough to handle your toughest questions, darkest moments, and deepest doubts. And we believe God loves you...specifically.

8 sessions
Duration: 2:51:15

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Starting Point, Session 1, Start

Duration: 19:27

If you grew up without a faith framework or you’ve just begun a relationship with Jesus, this may be a literal starting point for you. If you lost faith along the way, you may see our time together as an opportunity to restart your faith. This session gets us oriented to the Bible, and answers the question, "Who is Jesus?"

Starting Point, Session 2, Problem

Duration: 16:44

You may resist being branded as a sinner. But it’s a brand no honest person can avoid. A sinner is anyone who knows the difference between right and wrong and chooses to do wrong. On purpose. Jesus dealt with sinners in dramatic fashion. He did not condone sin. He did not condemn sinners. He called sin, sin. But instead of insisting people get what the law said they had coming, he extended the very thing sinning people deserved least: forgiveness.

Starting Point, Session 3, Trust

Duration: 22:42

The introduction of sin into the human experience left God with a choice. Instead of walking away, he waded into the mess. God’s solution to the problem of sin began with three promises he made to one man. The righteousness available to Abraham through faith is also available to us.

Starting Point, Session 4, Rules

Duration: 21:31

Rules always assume a relationship. God’s rules didn’t establish his relationship with Israel; they were confirmation of his relationship with Israel. God’s plan, beginning with Abraham, always included all the nations of the earth. So, we should not be surprised to discover that when Jesus appeared fifteen hundred years later, he would extend God’s offer of salvation to us, even to the extent of calling us his children!

Starting Point, Session 5, Jesus

Duration: 22:59

Experiencing personal forgiveness for personal sin is often the starting point for personal faith. In all of history, only Jesus offered himself as the answer to the question of what to do when we can’t forgive ourselves. You don’t have to forgive yourself; yourself has already been forgiven.

Starting Point, Session 6, Grace

Duration: 19:42

People often relate to God on a performance basis. With God, grace is the rule, not the exception. One hundred percent of the “to dos” in the Christian faith are responses to what God has “to done” for us.

Starting Point, Session 7, Faith

Duration: 20:57

Faith is one of the most powerful tools at humanity’s disposal. The thing that makes Jesus different from other religious leaders isn’t something he taught; it’s something he did. He died and came back to life. Christianity requires faith in a person. This is why for anyone investigating Christianity, the first question that must be answered is, Who is Jesus?

Starting Point, Session 8, Invitation

Duration: 27:13

Your uniqueness finds its fullest and best expression when connected to God’s divine purpose in the world. The church began as a growing gathering of men and women who believed Jesus was the Son of God. We have an opportunity to do for others what others did for us by joining our generation’s Jesus gathering.

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