Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum

This five-session video-based study came from Kara Powell's desire to see her own kids emerge from adolescence with their faith intact. Through personal, real-world experiences of research and sharing, Sticky Faith presents powerful strategies and practical ideas, enabling you to impart a deep and lasting faith in your children.

5 sessions
Duration: 1:54:12

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Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum, Session 1. Sticky Faith Essentials

Duration: 23:17

Session 1 spells out the concept of Sticky Faith and how it can play a major role in your child's life--now and in the future.

Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum, Session 2. Sticky Identity

Duration: 21:55

Session 2 gives you solid ways that your child can develop their identity in Christ and not in the things of this world.

Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum, Session 3. Family Conversations About Faith That Stick

Duration: 21:27

Session 3 focuses on the importance of involvement from the whole family in the faith journey.

Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum, Session 4. Your Sticky Faith Team

Duration: 23:58

Session 4 defines the team that it takes to cultivate faith that lasts in your child.

Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum, Session 5. Ups and Downs of the Sticky Faith Journey

Duration: 23:35

Session 5 gives you ways you can relate the highs and lows of life to your child and how to get through them.

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