The Divine Conspiracy

The Divine Conspiracy is a six-session video-based study that offers a timely and challenging call back to the true meaning of Christian discipleship.

6 sessions
Duration: 2:27:37

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The Divine Conspiracy, Session 1. The Divine Conspiracy

Duration: 25:42

Session 1, “The Divine Conspiracy,” proclaims that God is always at work doing something big, but often it goes unnoticed.

The Divine Conspiracy, Session 2. Path to a Blessed Life

Duration: 27:16

Session 2, “The Path to a Blessed Life,” focuses on true blessing, which is offered to all who will simply receive it.

The Divine Conspiracy, Session 3. Becoming a Good Person

Duration: 24:35

Session 3, “Becoming a Good Person,” describes the path to becoming a good person as having a genuine love relationship with God and people.

The Divine Conspiracy, Session 4. Treasuring What Matters Most

Duration: 25:41

Session 4, “Treasuring What Matters Most,” contrasts living a life of treasuring God to a life that treasures the stuff of this world.

The Divine Conspiracy, Session 5. Becoming a Community of Prayerful Love

Duration: 23:54

Session 5, “Becoming a Community of Prayerful Love,” is a study of the Lord’s Prayer as an invitation to walk with God throughout your day.

The Divine Conspiracy, Session 6. Living as a Disciple of Jesus

Duration: 20:29

Session 6, “Living as a Disciple of Jesus,” views discipleship as becoming an apprentice of the Savior, letting his presence shape all you do.

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