The God-First Life

“When I discovered the simple and sustainable principle of The God-First Life,” says pastor Stovall Weems, “it changed every area of my life.” In this six-session, video-based small group Bible study, pastor Stovall Weems teaches how to let go of things you don’t have the answers for and trust Him enough to simply follow. In each of the six sessions, you will experience how to follow God in the moment, no matter what baggage you carry or what spiritual milestones you’ve yet to conquer. Learn how to experience the strength of God-First living and start enjoying your walk with God by living Spirit-filled and being Spirit-led on a consistent basis.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:24:49

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The God-First Life, Session 1. Your Life, God's Way

Duration: 13:23

Session 1, "Your Life, God's Way," leads you to the first step of seeking first God's kingdom instead of gravitating toward the world's way of seeking happiness.

The God-First Life, Session 2. Adopted into God’s Family

Duration: 12:03

Session 2, "Adopted into God's Family," teaches that when you become part of God’s forever family, you discover joy, blessing, and meaning that can be found in no other place.

The God-First Life, Session 3. Space for the Soul to Breathe

Duration: 14:06

Session 3, "Space for the Soul to Breathe," teaches that when you seek first the things of God, the ordinary experiences of life and even the tough moments become opportunities to worship.

The God-First Life, Session 4. Doing Life Together

Duration: 13:41

Session 4, "Doing Life Together," teaches that one of God’s greatest gifts, sources of strength, and conduits of wisdom is the church.

The God-First Life, Session 5. Are You Ready for Greatness?

Duration: 16:32

Session 5, "Are You Ready for Greatness?" teaches that being a Christian is not a spectator sport; Jesus expects us to serve others as he did.

The God-First Life, Session 6. Free Life

Duration: 15:04

Session 6, "Free Life," teaches that true and lasting freedom begins when your mind is surrendered to God, he guides your thoughts, and the truth of the Bible directs your daily decisions.

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