The Hurried Family

Our fast-paced American society promotes a constant drive for success, but often at the expense of our inner peace and contentment: "The increase of information, transportation and contamination have cost us dearly," says Dr. Tim Kimmel. "Our sense of permanence, unity and peace are jeopardized by hurried lifestyles."

Based on his best selling book, Little House on the Freeway, Dr. Kimmel brings help to the hurried home by sharing positive ways to overcome one's hectic lifestyle. In eight sessions with practical applications, The Hurried Family video study explores the symptoms of a hurried family and provides counsel for restoring calmness and giving the gift of rest to others.

8 sessions
Duration: 2:36:30

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The Hurried Family, Session 1, In Search of Peace and Quiet

Duration: 17:41

The Hurried Family, Session 2, The Lure of the Hurried Family

Duration: 16:32

The Hurried Family, Session 3, Bringing Calm to the Hurried Home

Duration: 19:49

The Hurried Family, Session 4, The Focus of Contented Families

Duration: 22:39

The Hurried Family, Session 5, When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough

Duration: 18:23

The Hurried Family, Session 6, Little House on the Internet

Duration: 23:23

The Hurried Family, Session 7, Giving the Gift of Rest to Your Marriage

Duration: 17:24

The Hurried Family, Session 8, Giving the Gift of Rest to Your Children

Duration: 20:39

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