The Next Christians

Notice: This title will be removed from Study Gateway on October 18, 2019. In this six-session video-based study, Gabe Lyons looks to the future and offers a compelling vision for how followers of Jesus can recover their core identity while faithfully navigating our unprecedented, post-Christian culture.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:35:50

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The Next Christians, Session 1. End of Christian America

Duration: 14:54

In Session 1, you will search out ways in which you can find common ground with non-Christians as modeled by the early Christians.

The Next Christians, Session 2. Restoration Thinking

Duration: 16:52

In Session 2, you will be challenged to look at your own way of interacting with people and how you can be more effective.

The Next Christians, Session 3. Provoked to Engage

Duration: 15:46

Session 3 challenges you to choose engagement over condemnation, grace over judgment, courage over comfort, and faithfulness over reputation.

The Next Christians, Session 4. Creators Who Are Called

Duration: 16:16

In Session 4, you will look at your sphere of influence and your natural skills to find your calling.

The Next Christians, Session 5. Grounded and In Community

Duration: 14:30

Session 5 highlights five practices that are critical for followers of Jesus in a post-modern world.

The Next Christians, Session 6. Counterculture for the Common Good

Duration: 14:49

Session 6 looks at examples of people who lived a countercultural life for the good of others.

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