The Storm Inside

We all face storms in life. Many times, these storms devastate us and leave us torn apart beyond recognition. Heartbreak. Fear. Regret. Insecurity. Shame. When these emotions well up inside, it’s difficult to believe we will make it through. We have an enemy who says we will not survive this one. But God offers us a way through the storm. In The Storm Inside, an eight-session, video-based study by Sheila Walsh, you’ll look at the stories of eight women of the Bible who traveled the path from shame to love, from disappointment to hope, from insecurity to confidence, from despair to faith, and more. You will get to know them as real people and see how God came through for each of them. You’ll see the crucial choices they made, and you’ll lay hold of the grace that forgives what is past, gives strength for the present moment, and offers hope for the future.

8 sessions
Duration: 2:45:41

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The Storm Inside, Session 1. From Shame to Love (Samaritan Woman)

Duration: 21:00

In Session 1, "From Shame to Love," you will learn about the weighty affects shame has on your identity and the only way you can be free of its powers.

The Storm Inside, Session 2. From Disappointment to Hope (Woman with Issue of Blood)

Duration: 20:50

In Session 2, "From Disappointment to Hope," you will learn the risk you need to take in order to shake off past disappointments and move into hope and joy.

The Storm Inside, Session 3. From Fear to Joy (Mary Magdalene)

Duration: 20:36

In Session 3, "From Fear to Joy," you will learn that no matter how bad things seem, God is still in control, and you can trust him with your life.

The Storm Inside, Session 4. From Heartbreak to Strength (Hannah)

Duration: 18:19

In Session 4, "From Heartbreak to Strength," you will learn where to find strength in your deepest heartache and discover the joy of worshiping in the middle of the storm.

The Storm Inside, Session 5. From Regret to Rest (Rahab)

Duration: 19:35

In Session 5, "From Regret to Rest," you will learn that God doesn't want you live in regret, but to enter into his plans for your life.

The Storm Inside, Session 6. From Insecurity to Family (Ruth)

Duration: 21:58

In Session 6, "From Insecurity to Confidence," you will look at the areas in life that increase your feelings of insecurity and learn that God can take your difficult issues and turn them around to bring blessing to you in the most surprising ways.

The Storm Inside, Session 7. From Insignificance to Courage (Esther)

Duration: 21:39

In Session 7, "From Insignificance to Courage," you will learn that God is calling you to a life of significance for his kingdom and consider what you will do when you are asked to stand courageously for God.

The Storm Inside, Session 8. From Despair to Faith (Sarah)

Duration: 21:44

In Session 8, "From Despair to Faith," you will learn that despair happens when you lose hope in God, but faith focuses not on what you feel or see but on God and what he has promised.

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