Trigger Vol 4

Trigger Vol 4

The Trigger video series from Youth Specialties offers video clips that hit on topics that matter to teens. You’ll find Trigger is the perfect addition to your program for starting discussions or illustrating points in your messages. Whether you use Trigger in your large group, a small group, or even Sunday school, your students will connect and doors will be opened for conversations that matter. In Trigger Volume 4, you’ll find five vignettes perfect for use in your youth group.

5 sessions
Duration: 11:43


Trigger Vol 4, Session 1, The Board

Duration: 3:08

Jesus is surrounded by fat-cat tycoons berating him for poor business practices. They give him an ultimatum—change or be replaced by a more market-friendly version of himself.

Trigger Vol 4, Session 2, Remind Us

Duration: 1:30

Trigger Vol 4, Session 3, Listen

Duration: 2:18

Trigger Vol 4, Session 4, Original Article

Duration: 2:18

Trigger Vol 4, Session 5, Fully

Duration: 2:29

Is the dust of earth found on the throne of heaven? What did it mean that Jesus being fully God was also fully man? Do we sometimes forget the fully man part?

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